The Last Survivor: Who Was He?

I was alone, I was scared, I was the last survivor, I had seen every single one of them being plucked off, one by one, by those….Monsters. My only consolation was my brother beside me which kept me going somewhat, but we were both scared and helpless. He was equally terrified, awaiting the inevitable.



Which soon came. We saw it again. There, above us in the sky, looming over us with its enormous figure as if choosing between me and my brother. We couldn’t see its eyes. It’s body, a strange colour, and multiple smaller tendrils attached to the main body. All descended at once towards my brother.


He looked at me one last time with fear. The monster picked him up and started pulling him away. We held on tightly till we could, but at last he was gone as well. This was it. Now I was truly alone. The last survivor.

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Escape was never an option for us. We could never run, we were always confined in a jail, with brown walls and a brown roof, completely sealed. We were all chained to the middle of it by a white contraption that barely kept the roof off of us. We could never move, never escape. To be taken away into the unknown was our destiny it seemed. I had given up, we all had.



After a few minutes, or an eternity as it felt, I saw it again, in the sky. It had come for me at last. The inevitable had arrived and I had finally accepted my fate. It was reaching for me when something entirely unexpected happened. A second monster appeared in the sky and swatted the first
monster away. They both disappeared for a few seconds. Then I heard something, mostly incomprehensible but I could make out some words. “….. Last piece….. I’m having it… You had more….”. Soon after that, the second monster descended and took me away to wherever we all

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Steve and Bob were at Steve’s house. There was a console, a couch, bad music and pizza. Everything two teenagers needed for a day in.


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Soon as there was one last slice of pizza left, Bob went for it, as he had for many before, when Steve swatted his hand away. “Whatcha doing?”,Steve asked a little firmly. “It’s the last piece bro”. “Exactly! And I’m having it”, replied Bob. “You know you had more.”,said Steve and went for the last slice and ate it.

Author: Krit Jain

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    The humor I could never write

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