Do We Really Need to be Customized to Certain Customs?

“No man ever looks at the world with pristine eyes. He sees it edited by a definite set of customs and institutions and ways of thinking.” – Ruth Benedict


Customs and traditions are in-depth tools of mix matches varying from emotions to virtual prestige of an entity. They conserve and pass down complex set of values from generation to generation. But as the millennium moves forward, are we really able to grasp the true aesthetic essence of real customs and their day to day interference with people’­­s lives? We bask in the lost glory of cultural connections we once paved between humanity. Do we really stand tall enough to take the baton of fructifying the original cause laid upon us? The fear still lurks behind to make the longer run smoother.

How often do we take up the pride of not considering age old ironical beliefs which constitute huge chunk of human brains? It is understandable to carry out some inter-weaved connections may have an adverse effect when slayed down abruptly. Such vociferous assertion of strenuous crackdown may cause articulation of certain legitimate beehives of cultural and ethically confident communities.

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All this while, we were only really bothered about the wholeness of cultural pride but not towards improvement of education towards young minds. A profound distortion of facts by cultural imperialism has been taking place from centuries.  This feudalistic idea of impounding certain laws related to these ideas has been traced to different reasons. Loss of a cultural stronghold under the political bigwigs and their supporters may cause their power mongering brain to impart blind beliefs which get struck in the mud of illogical traditions. These traditions shall and will be continued if the civilized society can be wise enough to make the right decision of not sending the wrong signal by nipping the bud at the first place.



The economically liberal classes have shown a strong sense of affirmation towards the basic human fears. They were reeling under the impression that the masses were increasingly uncomfortable at a particular level- in a large part, thanks to the joy in glorifying some obnoxious customs which had little or no importance in the technological sophistication. Centuries ago this land on earth may have been a safe haven for the cruel ideas of customs which ruled the land. Now glorifying that fact and holding up the lamp to show others the path may cause serious problems. What are we even trying to portray in a broader light, is it the fact that the culture of the land from centuries ago is being upheld or the law of land which is being sidelined under the disguise of some anti-social elements.

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But even after saying so, we cannot conclude that every tradition or culture is absolutely wrong and unethical towards the society. There are traditions which have bonded many civilizations together thereby creating an enormous amount of gene and knowledge pool which would not have been created otherwise.

Although we have been fragile more often than after learning the might of human race, we must admit that some customs of an order have taught us the present technologically advanced trends to our forefather’s decades ago. But due to the unavailability of passionate successors who were reluctant and not interested in decoding the important information and passing that down in layman terms, we had to bear the brunt of being witness to the loss of yesteryear technical brilliance.


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Krishna Murthy

Author: Krishna Murthy

I love to experiment with words and wading through contemporary issues. When I’m not into articles, I spend my time in creating my own world of poems, short stories, etc. Writing is not a work for a me, it’s a stress buster, my own drug.

Krishna Murthy

Krishna Murthy

I love to experiment with words and wading through contemporary issues. When I'm not into articles, I spend my time in creating my own world of poems, short stories, etc. Writing is not a work for a me, it's a stress buster, my own drug.

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