About the Blog

Hello guys! I extend you a warm welcome to my blog. As the name suggests, I’m a lexophile, a lover of words. I love creating various reading material by playing with words.
I write on various topics depending on their uniqueness. I generally take up unique topics that easily catch the interest of the reader and also enhances their knowledge.
I also provide information on basic life problems and their easy solutions.
I post about various amazing travel destinations in Delhi so that you can have a great travel experience.
Who isn’t a foodie now a days?? I post about various food spots in Delhi where the Indian foodie can relish various mouthwatering , worth the money dishes and snacks!!
Posts related to positivity and motivation will be a major part of my blog because why not succeed together in life?? 😀
Life is a boat and we are all aboard. Why not help each other and row the boat of life together so that we conquer the harshest of storms that come in our way. 😀
Stay tuned for amazing and life changing posts from “The lexophile” ❤

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About the Author

Although I’m a Chemistry Honors student, I love writing. My interest in reading gave rise to an interest in writing. I love to express my views through my writings and am always happy to help people by providing important and useful information. I’m an optimist and have a very beautiful view about life. Life is a gift, use it wisely ❤

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