Here Is Why We Need To Upgrade Our TV Shows!

“Why try to break a stereotype, don’t create one in the first place”, said the great Jabari Donut sage.


Breaking your head like the Saas in Indian television shows trying to create trouble for the Bahu? Don’t worry that Jabari Donut is me myself. I always used revere Indian housewives in a great place as they stand as the perfect synonym for multitasking. Uh! until the dusk sets in, starting the never ending serials which can make some woman cry without any hassle.


Surprisingly, They Do Have A Negative Impact On Our Lives!

The clichéd parts of these serials have a lot on disturbing impact on people. It’s surprising how some writers can create such characters which deliver over the top dialogues and carry makeup and jewelry even during sleep. This is a prudent mockery of Tier 2 and rural sections of the country by assuming that they can feed over their superstitious beliefs and unethical hierarchy of moral standards. Instead of giving them something to think over and trying to bring a change in them, this is downgrading them even more.

The most brain racking thing is that how people could withstand serials like Naagin, Sasural Simar Ka etc. this may find more ludicrous and bland but this explains the mentality of majority joint families which still follow the patriarchal mindset of women should be confined to a set of typical values. This is what forms an integral part of their lives and more essentially these soaps, operas give them the classic family time and something to talk about.



Boring Alike Concepts In Every Damn Soap!

Indian television industry has always surveyed a lot on the trends of the people and tried to build up the stereotypes suiting the trend. For example, the 90’s had thrillers like the CID and Kaun Banega Crorepati. But, then entered the Shehenshah of Indian soaps, Ekta Kapoor. She dominated the 2000’s with her saas-bahu conflicts, now the trend had shifted to the supernatural form changing lady which leads the show.

It’s hard to digest but the fact is evident that the writers for these have lost their soul in writing long back. Some of the rules they have been following to write the leads are astonishing, like the female characters should always be self-sacrificing, veg and non-veg represent good and evil respectively, heroine must be present on more than 70% of scenes, vamps carry more make- up and the vital point is that the regressive beliefs when triggered can usher a dawn of more TRP’S.



Those Background Sounds *duh*

Besides this, the background scores that seriously make Hans Zimmer and John Williams also bow their head in shame and return their accolades back, trying to learn the score composed for our serials. That “dhoom tana na na” and “dhish dhish dhish” with every stupid idiotic PowerPoint presentations giving the wide, zoom, fade and split for a simple suspense scene is truly mind churning.



Creative Writers Needed Urgently!

The solution for this upgrade is to first get someone who can write a story and produce it on his own. Only then this meddling of executives who run after money but not after content shall be stopped. Every writer comes into the industry with the hopes of creating a story/character which can win the hearts of people. But, caught in the web of TRP’S and money mongering producers, they lose their sheen and start writing the clichéd dramatic stuff. It’s high time we give the true space to writers and respect them for what they rack their brains day and night.

Western Soap Mania!

This also boils down to the fact that western serials are mostly admired, not only for the epic content, but also they get the viewer intrigued by releasing the episodes in a much longer interval of time. This builds up lot of suspense and drama in the people. Whereas the Indian TV operas have no time limit between them and they continue from our grandmother’s marriage to our grandchild’s first delivery, seriously? How long can they drag this!!!



But even after saying all this, we must say much depends on the way our people think and react to our serials. The way of thinking and the amount of religious and ethical structures that are far embedded into our society have to be given a rethinking , unless and until this encashment of beliefs will go with more jewelry and more drama in TV’s.


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Krishna Murthy

Author: Krishna Murthy

I love to experiment with words and wading through contemporary issues. When I’m not into articles, I spend my time in creating my own world of poems, short stories, etc. Writing is not a work for a me, it’s a stress buster, my own drug.

Krishna Murthy

Krishna Murthy

I love to experiment with words and wading through contemporary issues. When I'm not into articles, I spend my time in creating my own world of poems, short stories, etc. Writing is not a work for a me, it's a stress buster, my own drug.

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